“When I started coaching with Rebecca I didn’t really know where I was going or who I was. I had some dreams floating at the back of my head and had just experienced a massive life change, which included leaving the company I had worked for for 17 years. Rebecca has helped me to clarify my thoughts, begin to plan my journey and develop a new confidence in Me. She has walked alongside me equipping me with the tools I need to establish a more self assured voice. I now have a belief in myself to take steps to achieve goals I previously thought were beyond me. Rebecca has used engaging and innovative methods to work with me in a style that is tailored to my needs and how I most effectively take direction. I wanted my life to sparkle and pop and now I really think it does!” Hannah Matthews

“Rebecca is genuine, insightful, enthusiastic and kind and has become a trusted confidant and cheerleader for me. Being coached by Rebecca was like having a mirror held up to me. However, instead of allowing me to instinctively focus on all the things I dislike, she has shown me to both to identify and take pride in the good things in my reflection and encouraged a more positive way of thinking as a tool to effect the changes I want to make. She has gently helped me confront what I perceived as limitations to my goals, assisted in recognising what is self-imposed and nudged me into realisation that I have the power to change the way I think to remove those limitations. Together we have created a personal strategy implementing change to the way I approach a number of things. The reason this works is because I set the goals and the tone and pace of the changes required for me to achieve the goals in my own way. ” Katie Farmer

“Rebecca has been a fantastic coach and came into my life at exactly the right time! I am struggling at work and have been for some time. I have just had my first child too and any hope of changing my work situation by running my own business seemed to be slipping from view, but then Rebecca came along to change my mind. I absolutely love getting her emails and hearing her thoughts on my situation. She is always positive, yet clear and concise in her thoughts and advice. She asks pertinent questions and encourages me to reflect and then (and this is the key part) get on with changing my life! I feel that she is cheering me on, and is as excited about my plans as I am. Rebecca’s contributions always give me that impetus I need to move onto the next stage, ever closer towards achieving my goals.Thank you Rebecca! I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone. ” V.E

“Rebecca’s coaching helped me sort through the various ideas and concepts that were crowding my mind, and select the ones that I really want to take forward. She asked insightful questions, that gently led me to a better awareness of my self and my ambitions. Each session left me feeling elated and excited about the tasks I’d agreed to concentrate on in the coming week. I would heartily recommend a series of coaching sessions with Rebecca to anyone who needs a little help to focus on what is right for them.” Lynn Schreiber

“I was essentially a nervous wreck when you sought me out to help me, and help me you did. I have struggled for such a long time with self-esteem issues and it was as plain as day to you. I know I’m not 100% yet but I feel I’ve come such a long way and I wouldn’t be where I am now without your help! I had never heard of coaching before you explained it to me and I must say I was skeptical to start with, I couldn’t see how you could help me all the way from France! But the process is a very kind one and I have been made to feel as though it has been moulded to suit me and my needs perfectly. I am looking forward to the person I am on my way to being – it’s been me all along really, but you’ve just been drawing me out bit by bit. Thankyou, for everything.” K. Murray

“I have had many informal coaching sessions with Rebecca over the years. She has always listened carefully, supported me and helped me to navigate various difficult situations in my personal and professional life. Above all, she helped me find the strength to remove someone extremely toxic from my life. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees at first, but helped by her unwavering support, patience and intuitive clear thinking, I began to see for myself what was what – and act on it.  I have since turned my private life around, and have never looked back (and never been happier). I sincerely believe that anyone, especially those facing problems or needing to make sense of their situation, can benefit hugely from Rebecca’s take on things. Her motivational approach is no-nonsense, but comes with a great deal of understanding, sensitivity and humour.” Emma Barnett

“Rebecca has the intuition and ability to get right to the base of my issues. The sessions have made me realise that I can do what I need to do even if the little voice inside me tries to tell me I can’t.” Lynsey Baxter

“(You have)… a lovely warm personality that demonstrates you really care about your clients and their success/goals. You ask pointed open questions that make the client really think.” Shirley McCann

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