Are you a qualified coach?

Absolutely. I hold certification in coaching and NLP techniques from the Life Coaching Academy in Australia. The programme I followed and qualified in is an internationally accredited ACTP programme, and I am ICF ACC credentialed. As such I am bound by the ICF Code of Ethics.

Why did you become a coach?

I was introduced to coaching about ten years ago when I was working as a soft skills trainer in Paris. I was astounded at how effective and transformative a single coaching session could be. I started training back then, but then moved away from the area and put it aside for a while. I spent several years researching, training and getting experience before launching Artemis Mindset Coaching in 2015.

Why did you stop coaching?

Firstly, I haven’t stopped coaching. I have limited space available for non paying coaching clients. Please contact me for further details on that. I have closed Artemis for several reasons, some personal, and some professional. It is a decision I took quickly but by no means lightly. Building up my coaching business was an amazing and rewarding experience and I have met many people I would not otherwise have done. But in my heart I am not an entrepreneur, so I am putting my skills to good use in employment.

I signed up for your newsletter but didn’t get my freebies.

When you sign up to my newsletter you should receive an email confirming your email address (check the spam folder if you didn’t). Once you have done this you will receive a welcome email with a link to download the fabulous freebies. Let me know if this hasn’t helped and I will look into it.

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