About Me


Hi. I’m Rebecca.

I provide mindset coaching and training for fabulous women to beat their self-confidence demons, increase their productivity and focus and fulfill their potential.

Me As A Person

I’m from the North of England but moved to Paris when I was 18. Other than a two year stint working in the City of London, I have lived in France ever since. I now live in a tiny village near the border with Luxembourg and Germany with my husband and two small girls. When I am not working or with my family you will find me walking our golden retriever, reading a book, cooking something gorgeous or messing about on social media.

I’m an introvert, sensitive, loyal and intuitive. I have a weakness for old fashioned Lyons Midget Gems and Pickled Onion Monster Munch but they are sadly unavailable in France. Fortunately I love real food too, and live in the perfect place to do so!

Me As A Coach & Trainer

I was working in Paris as a language and soft skills trainer in finance companies when I was introduced to coaching. At the time coaching was a relatively new field, at least in France. Despite my interest in coaching and passion for training I stepped away from the training world for a while when I moved to the East of France. I worked for 7 years in the Luxembourg investment fund industry. I missed coaching and training though, and when I was made redundant I used the opportunity to retrain as a coach, and here we are.

You can read more about what my clients think of me here, but I have been described as calming, a fabulous listener, insightful and supportive. I am a zero BS coach. Trust me, I am completely on your side but am not afraid to give you a butt kick, followed by a virtual hug if needed.

My coaching certification is a Certificate IV in Life Coaching, an ICF ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Programme) from the Life Coaching Academy in Australia and I am also a certified NLP Coach Practitioner. I adhere to the ICF (International Coach Federation) Code of Ethics. I am an ACC (Accredited Certified Coach) and member of the ICF (International Coach Federation).

What I Stand For

You might notice that I haven’t put pictures of myself all over the site. Our coaching relationship isn’t about me. It is about you. I understand the myriad challenges facing you in the workplace – both as an employee and a business owner I have faced them too.

This is why I set up Artemis Mindset Coaching – to help other women achieve their unique potential in the workplace. I have a strong conviction that mindset is key to success in everything we do. It is as important as the skills we have. My mindset coaching and skills training combine to give you the tools you need to boldly, or quietly, aim for the career you deserve.

There is something far too many of us have in common: self-doubt.

When we do amazing things we put it down to luck, or other people. We don’t take credit for what we did. (There’s a name for that by the way, imposter syndrome, and as you will see from my blog imposter syndrome is high up on my hit list, along with self-doubt and unecessary self-criticism.) We don’t ask for pay rises or promotions. We don’t dare apply for new jobs because we assume we will not be good enough. We even find it hard to take a compliment. We sometimes even think we don’t deserve nice things to happen to us.

Once you trust me, and start believing in yourself, I want you to think about the real you. What does the real you want from life? The real you that believes in yourself and your potential as much as I do? What are you capable of? And what are you waiting for?

I want to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be and I’ll be honest with you now: it’s a zero BS approach. I am not going to tell you to boost your morale by lighting a scented candle or having a bubble bath. Nope. I aim bigger than that, and you will too after my mindset coaching.

Whether you want to be more confident, more focused for a specific project, want to achieve a better balance between your private and your professional life, or whether you are not fulfilled in your current situation and want a complete change, I will help you identify your strengths, build on them and get you to create a confident vision for yourself: a vision for your future.

I’ll be your sounding board, your cheerleader, or will happily give you a kick in the butt if that is what you need. I will help you find the tools to prioritize, look beyond the pesky obstacles, visualize your success, achieve and exceed your expectations.

Above all I will believe in you and your potential, and once I have finished with you, so will you. That is what I mean by mindset coaching.

Are you ready to play big, be the best you can be and to grow into the role that you deserve? Have a look round my site, read my blog posts or contact me to see if you would like to work with me.


Please note I have closed Artemis Mindset Coaching and am therefore not taking on new clients. For more information please email me on rebecca at artemismindsetcoaching dot com

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