During the last week in The Mindset Hub we talked about gratitude, and reminding ourselves to be thankful. We also discussed clearing work, which to those of you who don’t know, involves verbalising certain feelings we have about people and going through a kind of ritual to let go of these feelings. A few weeks back we talked about mindfulness and how it is different from yet complimentary to mindset.

Back when I first started looking at NLP, positive psychology and mindset work, (though mindset wasn’t the term used back then,) I would roll my eyes a little at some of the techniques used and beliefs taught. But I was intrigued enough to give it a go, and learn more, always more. I devoured books on psychology, CBT, coaching (obviously), positive psychology, sport psychology, NLP and, more recently, neuroscience. Alongside my reading and learning my personal life evolved. I was introduced to this field around 2003. Back then I was a soft skills trainer in Paris at the time and, without boring you with the details, my personal life was a train wreck, and I found trusting others, as well as trusting myself, truly impossible.

At one point I left the personal development field professionally for a few years, but during that time as I continued to educate myself, my confidence grew, my mindset developed. And it is all still a work in progress. Great happiness and satisfaction in both my personal and professional life and a massive increase in self-confidence and esteem over this time are very much the result of the work I did on my mindset and personal development. I am not only more positive as a person, but I am more truly resilient, able to face and overcome challenges which would have made me crumple just a few years ago.

So when people ask what is the point in mindset work, that is the story I tell. Changing your life to one you are happy to lead, rather than just going with the flow and feeling unable to make change.

Mindset work is just that, work. Retraining the mind is hard. The human brain hasn’t evolved much in thousands of years, but our environment has changed completely. We are still wired to think about, look for and respond to threats. For most of us now this plays out as worries and stress about anything and everything – illness, giving a presentation at work, money, self-confidence… In the past it was actual physical danger from other humans, natural catastrophes or wild animals. This is one of the reasons we can consider looking for the negative as human nature – we are wired to do just that.

Mindset involves training our brain to redirect our attention and thereby experience the world differently. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and adapt, and research done by neuroscientists over the past couple of decades points towards the brain being able to adapt more than we ever imagined. Mindset work is one way we can exert control over how these changes happen.

Isn’t that great? Not only is our brain not fixed, but it is within our power to change it (remember how I explained about fixed and growth mindset and how, with effort, you can move from one to the other?)

So gratitude, consciously clearing, mindfulness or meditation, self-awareness and affirmations (which have their limits but I will talk about that another time) are just some of many ways that we can refocus the brain, change our beliefs about ourselves, others and what we experience and in doing so unlock our potential.

It isn’t an overnight thing. Looking at the odd inspirational meme isn’t enough. Even setting goals isn’t enough. A lot of what you may associate with coaching and the personal development world isn’t enough.

Mindset work takes effort, time and consistent energy before what we are consciously working on turns into an unconscious habit. Working on your mindset can transform your self-belief, your self-confidence, your ability to take decisions, the way you see yourself and others, your habits surrounding your work and therefore your productivity. Mindset coaching helps you work out which beliefs need to be changed in order to unlock your potential AND gives you the tools to do just that.

So, are you in need of some mindset magic? Book in for a free 30 minute mindset strategy session.

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