According to Jim Rohr “you are the average of the five people you spend most time with.”

There is so much to be said for your mindset being influenced by the people around you.

We can all agree that we are to some extent influenced by our peers. We talk about peer pressure as being a school issue – if you hang out with a crowd of kids that smoke, it is more than likely that you will try smoking too – clichéd perhaps but true. The influence of the people around us doesn’t stop when we leave school.

What do I mean by awesome people?

For your mindset and professional success it is really important, both in the workplace and as a business owner, to surround yourself with awesome people. By that I mean people who are not only supportive, but share your vision and goals. People that won’t hold back your ambition.

What is even better is if one of these people at least has been a success in whatever it is you are doing and can act as a mentor to you. Many companies recognise the value in mentorship for employees, and organise a mentor for all new employees. In other companies you might have to seek out your own. It may be your manager, but more often it will be someone you don’t directly report to.

Take a moment to think about the people you spend time with professionally. Are they on your side? Supportive, giving honest, useful and positive feedback? Do they believe in you? Do you trust them with your hopes and fears? Do you end your conversations on a high note, feeling motivated and clear on where you are going?

If not it might be time to surround yourself with awesome people. That might sound difficult but it doesn’t have to be. It may take a while to build an acquaintance up into a mutually supportive and beneficial relationship. But it is worth the effort for both of you.


I am part of many groups on Facebook and Linked In for business owners and coaches. There are groups on Linked In and internet fora for pretty much any profession you can think of. Search for groups where you think your awesome people might be hanging out, and go and hang out there too. In smaller groups it is easier to build up a working group relationship, but there is nothing to stop you from building relationships with people in bigger groups. Remember, you are not pitching your services to these people.

It may be 2016 but traditional, non-virtual networking is by no means dead. There are networking groups and events out there for you, full of people who may be just what you are looking for. Think also about the people you know and would like to connect with – colleagues, former colleagues.

My experience

I couldn’t be without my awesome peeps. Some of them are coaches, some are not. But I know that my inner circle of awesome people have my back 100%. I know they will celebrate my successes and help me pick myself up when things don’t go well. They don’t all know each other, but the thing they have in common is that they inspire me to be better. They provide me with constructive feedback, and I trust them with my ideas and hopes and fears. I also trust their judgement, and although I might not always agree with them, I will always take on board their thoughts.

You need to go and surround yourself with awesome people. You might succeed on your own. You might succeed despite the people around you not being in alignment with your goals. But it is much easier to succeed surrounded by people who share your goals and have a positive mindset.

Here’s a place to start

I have just this last couple of days set up my very own closed Facebook group – a safe place to talk all things mindset. Where we help each other being the right mindset to get whatever we need done, done. I will be doing monthly or so free group coaching calls around a theme, and I am hoping that it will grow into an awesome and supportive community for women.

Would you like to join in? Here is the link or search The Mindset Hub on Facebook.


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