It’s December!

Whoop whoop!

For those of us who love the smell of new stationery and the excitement of a blank planner it is time to take action and buy our 2016 planners. Yay!

So I have been looking around and have picked a selection of top planners for 2016. Here they are:

1. Create Your Shining Year in Life and Create Your Shining Year in Biz

Leonie Dawson has surpassed herself this year with her workbooks for 2016. They are not really a planner in that they aren’t used as calendars. They are a fab self-coaching tool to take you closer and closer towards your goals in your life and business. They are not for everyone – some will find them a bit woo. But I love the colours and the positivity, and the sense of YES! Anything CAN happen!

There is also a beautiful diary, which makes up for there being no planner as such in the workbooks. You can watch my little video where I show you what they look like and talk you through them here:

The workbooks can be bought separately or together, with or without the diary. They are available in paper or pdf, but a word of warning. They are big. If you are a paper fan you will not save by printing them off yourself. You will find heaps more information about the various packages on offer here.

2. The Jump! Parent Planner

(Update: Now available for pre-order) Lynn Schreiber set up Jump! Magazine for children several years ago. This year she set up Jump! Parents, an online magazine aimed at parents of tweens and young teens. You might be aware that I was involved in the establishment of the magazine and have guest posted for Jump! Parents several times on issues relating to self confidence. Indeed, the idea behind the magazine is to help parents be confident and help them help their children to be confident, and there is a fabulously supportive Facebook Group too.


Have a look inside the planner here:


Jump! Parent Planner 2016

Jump! Parent Planner

Anyway, long story short, Lynn has been developing a planner for 2016. It combines a diary and goal setting tasks, interspersed with inspirational quotes. It is not in the least bit woo, and has been developed for practicality and smart design. It’s the kind of family planner you will also be happy to take into a business meeting. I am excited to say it went off to the printers today, so will be hot of the press very soon, and available to buy here for GBP14.90 plus p&p (printed version) and a printable version will be offered for sale soon.

3. The Bullet Journal

Earlier this year I wrote about my love of lists. Nickie from the Typecast blog tweeted me a link to her post on bullet journaling. And I was hooked. Bullet journaling is for people who don’t necessarily want to buy an expensive planner, but just want to stay organised and keep track of the things they have to do. I’m not cheating by adding it in here, it IS a planner. Just one you make yourself.

Have a look at how it works:

It might look complicated but is incredibly simple once you get the hang of it, and quite addictive. Plus, it is free. Well, it costs however much you want to spend on a notebook, or you can buy a specific note book designed for bullet journaling here. It isn’t a date specific planner, you can start whenever you want. Today if you like. Or on February 23rd next year. Whenever  you start if you are a lover of lists you will soon become a lover of the Bullet Journal.

4. The Dream Organiser by Lifecycles

Gillie, owner of Lifecycles, is a coach, and sent me a copy of her new planner to look at over the last week. It is a combined planner and workbook. The Dream Organiser is divided into detailed sections on Goals and Dreams, Self Care, Project Planning, plus of course the diary section with its month to page and week to page views. There is space to set up annual, monthly and weekly goals, and plenty of tips on how to stick to them.

Dream Organiser

The Dream Organiser

What I really like about this planner is  that you can start it when you want during the year. The pages are not dated, so if you find yourself part way through the year wanting a planner, the great thing with this one is you can start when you want. This is a great workbook giving you space to dream. There are some fab coaching exercises to help you look past the here and now and think about possibilities, and masses of space to take notes.

Gillie is selling her planner for GBP20 + GBP3 p&p from her web site.

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