During my coaching sessions we talk a LOT about what’s stopping you from achieving goals. Sometimes the obsctacles in our path are things we think we have no control of, such as a lack of time, or money, or opportunity. Often the blocks are self-imposed, and we have more control over them than we think.

From a mindset perspective I help clients identify their blocks and then work towards them taking that control back. Today I would like to talk about our mindset and some of the mental blocks that we face. I will be the first to admit that I have faced and do face all of these at some point.

1. A lack of resources, be that time, money, skills. This is a big one, and, I have to admit, it is easy to feel very powerless when up against what you perceive to be a lack of resources. But “I don’t have the time” and “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t know how to…” don’t necessarily need to stop you. Finding a way of getting the resources you need might just be another step on the journey.

2. Not knowing where to begin. You have loads of ideas and know what you want to achieve but it seems like too big a deal, too long a journey, and you are fazed by all the options in front of you. It’s overwhelming isn’t it when you take a step into the unknown and then think, “now what?” Sometimes it is hard to decide in which direction that first step should be taken. Sometimes it just looks so huge that you don’t take a step at all.

3. Fear of failure, and even a lack of confidence to take that first step. I don’t think there is a single person on earth who hasn’t had a fear of failure at some point. A lack of self-confidence is some people’s hardest battle. Getting past that fear is an enormous achievement. Some people, even really successful people, feel they don’t deserve to succeed, that they are not good enough. Imagine what they could do if they beat that imposter mindset.

4. What will other people say and think? At work you might have a fab idea that could revolutionise the way your company or team does business, but you might feel silly about discussing it with your boss. You might think you have a great idea for a book, but are worried that people will tell you it’s rubbish. You might have been one of those people who knew the answer at school but were scared of putting your hand up, just in case it was wrong. The inner critic is at its most powerful when it is telling you all the things other people could think about you.

5. Focussing on what could go wrong. It is wise to be aware of pitfalls and worst case scenarios. Practical thinking is clever thinking. Too much of it, however, stops you from thinking about what could go right, and can even cut you off before you have even started, stifling your creativity and your dreams.

So, what’s stopping you? Send me an email or add a comment below.


Original photo by Jordan Sanchez

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