1. Sandy from Grease


Sandy has everything going for her. She’s kind, smart, attractive, headed for great places. But she has no self-esteem. To get the guy who publicly humiliates her, ignores and mocks her she starts smoking and changes her image completely.

And yes, I AM still jealous of how awesome she looks post makeover in spite of the hair, but that is not the point. Coached Sandy would have stubbed Danny out along with the cigarette end. Boundaries darlings, he seriously crossed them. She needed the belief that she could do better.


  1. The Second Mrs De Winter from Rebecca


Poor Mrs De Winter lives in the shadow of the first Mrs De Winter, is bullied by the scary housekeeper and pretty much ignored by her husband.

Coached Mrs DW would have been far more assertive and have none of that self-doubt about her ability to run that house. Imagine: scary housekeeper sacked and replaced, husband uber impressed at the awesome running of Manderley, and no… well… if you haven’t read the book I am not going to spoil it for you.


  1. Bella from Twilight


Caught between a hot-but-potentially-violent-and-might-well-accidentally-kill-her werewolf and a hot-but-stalkerish-and-might-well-accidentally-kill-her vampire, Bella seems spoiled for choice doesn’t she? Took her ages to choose between the two. Aaaaaages.

Now, if Bella had come for some coaching we would have looked at her indecisiveness and she would have come to the right decision for her (i.e. leg it out of Forks) a couple of thousand pages sooner. None of the angst, the heartbreak, the lip biting. She would have also had the confidence to tell the wolf and the vampire to back right off while she got there.


OK, so the films would have been just one, miniscule three minute film, not enough time to even justify a release as an independent short. See? Everyone wins!


  1. Elsa from Frozen


Thanks to true love and a sun-worshipping snowman Elsa got there in the end, but it took her a long time to accept herself as the talented queen she really is. I mean, she can sing and do magic, as well as having the best sister ever. Awesome right?

But what if, after her therapy for the trauma of hurting her sister and subsequent humiliating imprisonment by her parents (who then die!) was complete, Elsa had gone for some coaching? Can you imagine? She would have embraced her magic, been encouraged to ask for help from the right people to make the most of her skills and we would never, ever have had to Let It Go. Imagine that?

And yes, you are welcome for the earworm. Just when you thought you were safe right?

  1. Rachel from Friends


Well, any one of the Friends crowd could have done with some coaching sessions so it was hard to pick just one, but let it be Rachel. Everything stresses her out. She has a busy job, she is a single mum and her cheating jealous and controlling ex just won’t leave her alone.

And you know what? She doesn’t realise how awesome she is! She has everything, right? But  doesn’t see it. She has the friends, the brains, the career, the gorgeous daughter and the hair. She can do what she wants. Coached Rachel wouldn’t have got off the plane. She would have followed her dreams to Paris, rocked the fashion world and taken control of her life back from the whiny man-child ex.

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