One of the questions I have been asked the most often the last few weeks is how I chose my business name. Why Artemis? What is mindset coaching? I did touch on mindset coaching briefly in a previous post, but today I will go into it in a bit more detail and explain the story behind Artemis Mindset Coaching.

Let’s start with the mindset coaching. Coaching is all about helping a client get the best from themselves. That is the same whichever type of coach we are. A sports coach helps a sports player improve their game. A wellness coach may help with fitness or nutrition. A relationship coach will helps clients with relationship linked issues. I am sure you get the picture! We are all working with the client to help them get from where they are now to where they want to be.

As a mindset coach I work on your mindset, to get you in the right position mentally to achieve what you want to achieve. I want your inner strength, your mental strength, to be at peak performance. That means working on confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness and self-belief, as well as your core beliefs about the world around you. Because if you don’t have the right mindset to be the person you want to be, you won’t get there, plain and simple.

I encourage you to be brave, be strong and reach further, higher, and to believe in your ability to be the person you want to be. I help my clients identify their self-limiting beliefs and work out how to banish them. We replace them with positive self-belief so they can be as awesome as they possibly can

And what is more awesome in the true sense of the word than a goddess?

Which is where Artemis comes in. Greek mythology is pretty violent stuff using terrifying imagery and stories to make a point. Artemis is best known as being the Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon. She was a leader, with inspirational strength and full confidence in victory. She was a healer, a provider, a protector of women and children and was renowned for her intelligence, wisdom and advice.

Like all the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses she could also be terrifying, ruthless and without pity when crossed. Scarily so actually. Not the kind of violence we would want to replicate today. Let’s not go there.

What is clear though is that Artemis was her own woman, or goddess, was independent and free-spirited, strong-willed and all-round awesome.

Putting the two together we have Artemis Mindset Coaching, helping you rediscover your inner awesome.

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